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Florida Housing Finance Corporation – HFA Preferred Conventional Loan Programs




Lender/Program Portal 

Current Rates & DPA  –   Reservation/locks are available on Business days between 10am-8pm  (not available when the Bond Market is closed)

Options/Offerings Lock Rate (20 day) DPA  Mid FICO Effective Date
Fannie Mae HFA Preferred
FL HFA Preferred Plus 5.750% w/3% Assistance  Non Repayable Grant 640 7/17
FL HFA Preferred FL ASSIST  up to $7,500

FL Grant – 3% Based on Purchase Price, system calculated

FL Assist – 0%, 30 year, deferred

  • 60 Day TIME LINE REQUIREMENTS – Do not reserve early,  clock starts at Reservation
    • 20 days from reservation to underwrite Certification = The lock must be underwrite certified online by the 20th day.  Loans will cancel automatically
    • 40 days from Reservation to Close & Deliver Files to eHP & USB
    • 60 days from Reservation to eHP Compliance & USB Loan Purchase
    • a 30 day extension is available but NOT to extend the 20 day milestone
    • extension fee of .375 will be assessed for any loan not eligible for purchase within 60 days and will be netted from purchase whether or not there is a request ti extend.  click here to request extension


eHousingPlus is the Program Administrator, and provides some of the following services:

  • Provides the web-based program loan reservation and management system, Programs web page, Daily Rates, Administrator’s Guidelines, Program forms, Lender Program and System Training, Notices and updates to Lenders, Compliance Support to Lenders, Reviews/Approves Compliance Files, Timelines, Works with the Agency and Master Servicer on Program Goals.
  • Contact for Compliance Questions and System Support
  • Need help, Click here
  • Reminder that the Gift Letter & Obligation letter are not required on the HFA Preferred (conventional) loans

  Fannie Mae HFA Preferred Programs (FL Assist & 3% Grant)

  Program Guidelines     Lender Guide 6/15 7/22 8/7  
 Preclosing – Notices and Recapture – Click Here

  Sample Forms

  HFA Preferred  w/ FL Assist    form

  HFA Preferred Plus    form

  Previous limits


The HHF HFA Preferred Conventional Program for HHF loans ended 12/29.  The below HHF Program Guidelines are ONLY for loans reserved  prior to 12/30/2017.     

Lender Guide 6/15


 FL HFA Preferred (Fannie Mae) Programs   – Note – for details, see the Program Guidelines under GUIDES & DOCS
  • Continuous funding
  • Reservation locks are available on Business days between 10am-8pm 
  • other system functions are available 24/7
  • Statewide 
  • Daily Pricing, see Rates/Offerings Tab
  • First Time Homebuyer, applies to all borrower(s) who will appear on the Universal Residential Loan Application (URLA) or “1003”
  • Fannie Mae HFA Preferred
  • Household income = 1003 Credit Qualifying Income
  • Limits in this program are defined by Household Size & County.  Please see the guidelines
  • Limits are defined by County and FL Housing Products used.  Please see the Guidelines
  • Pre-purchase course is required for ALL first time home borrowers.
  • Face-to-face counseling is preferred – HUD approved or  a unit of local government  www.hud.gov 
  • Online Education permitted – HUD approved, a unit of local government, a mortgage insurance provider, or an Agency or GSE sponsored course.
    • Education Certificates acceptable for a period of 2 year
  • Mid FICO 640
  • Not permitted
  • Forms are online in SF Web Management, under FORMS
  • Take applications into Programs & Reserve in eHousingPlus system
  • process, underwrite, approve, fund, close and sell qualified loans to the program’s Master Servicer.
  • Check with your company on how to reserve a loan in your own system so that you have funds available for closing.
  • Responsible for servicing first and second program loans in accordance with Agency requirements until they’re purchased by the Master Servicer.
  • Lenders are approved by Florida Housing to participate in their programs. Florida Housing’s Loan Officer Recognition is provided via the FHFC Wizard. Click to view.
  • Provides information and training concerning the mortgage loan file, acceptable loan products, delivery and funding, reviews/purchases the first and second mortgage loans
  • Servicer Lender Guides, Click here  If you need assistance getting to the Servicer Lender Guides, Click here.  Need help
  • Contact eHousingPlus for questions related to the compliance file, income, first-time buyer, Tax requirement, access to the program, training, eHP system, web site, administrator guidelines
  • Contact US Bank for questions related to the mortgage file, escrow, DU findings, insurance, high priced loans, MDIA, Respa, payments

 Applies ONLY to FL HFA Preferred (Fannie Mae) Plus Loan Program  
  • Non-repayable 3% grant based on the Purchase price
  • DPA Funds – Lender upfronts. US Bank will reimburse at purchase
  • Cash back is not allowed.

 Applies ONLY to FL HFA Preferred (Fannie Mae) Loan Program with FL Assist DPA
  • Florida Assist
  • Loan up to $7,500 
  • 0%, 30 year Deferred
  • DPA Funds – Lender upfronts. US Bank will reimburse at purchase
  • Cash back is not allowed.
  • fees-see term sheet and guidelines


Program Updates
  • 6/19- revised income and acquisition limits. Effecive 5/10
  • 12/30/2017 – HHF Originations have ended.  Thank you for the huge success of the FHFC HHF Programs.  Business as usual with the FL Assist (7,500) and the 3% Grant options.
  • Reservation/locks are available on Business days between 10am-8pm