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Illinois Assist



Lender/Program Portal


Note – for details, see the Administrator’s Guidelines under GUIDELINES Tab

  • Continuous Funding
  • Reservations are OPEN M-F, between 9 am – 8 pm Central (10-9 EST) excluding Holidays; All other system functions are available 24/7
LOAN TIME LINE REQUIREMENTS Please DO NOT Reserve early.  Should be qualified prior to reservation.

  • Reservation to UW Cert: 30 calendar days (Lock expires on the 30th day)
  • Reservation to Loan Purchase: 70 calendar days (Must request extension before the 70th day, otherwise cancelled)
  • To request a one-time 30-day extension, click here.
  • Extensions are not granted to extend the 15 days from Reservation to UW Certification

  • Borrowers and their spouses must be able to permanently reside in the US.
  • Effective 1/2 – The Program will NOT require Borrowers to be first time buyers.  Please make sure you are following Agency (FHA, VA, Freddie Mac) guidelines.  Tax returns will no longer be required.
  • Government
  • Conventional
    • Freddie Mac HFA Advantage
  • non-repayable grant
  • Various levels of assistance – see the Rates/Offerings Tab
  • AIS Subsidy – see the Guidelines for details
  • Household Income is defined as the Borrower(s) income used on the 1003 Application.  Please make sure when you are reserving that you are using the credit income ( monthly x 12)
  • Borrower(s) income = Household income = 1003 Credit Qualifying Income (not co-signor’s)
    • Limits are based on HH Size and County
    • see guidelines
  • Based on Target/Non-Target Areas, and County
    • 1-4 units on Government loans
    • 1 unit on Freddie Mac loans
    • see guidelines
  • Required
  • Mid score – see guidelines
  • Debt-to income ratios – see guidelines
  • Follow applicable Agency
    • (FHA, VA, USDA:RD, Freddie Mac HFA Advantage).
  • As far as the program, they cannot have an ownership interest (cannot be on the Mortgage/Deed/Warranty Deed).
  • Approval by Agency and Master Servicer
  • Available online, under FORMS
  • Provides information and training concerning the mortgage loan file, acceptable loan products, delivery and funding, reviews/purchases the mortgage file
  • Servicer Lender Guides, Click here
  • If you need assistance with the Servicer Lender Guides or  to contact the US Bank Lender Help Desk, Click here.


Current Rate/Offerings – Reservation/locks – AVAILABLE from 9:00am-9:00pm Central (10-9 EDT excluding weekends & holidays)  

Rate/Offerings FICO Lock Rate DPA Effective Date
FHA, USDA-RD or VA  660 5.50%  3% 6/6
FHA, USDA-RD or VA  640-659 2%
FHA, USDA-RD or VA 660 6.00% 4% 5/24
FHA, USDA-RD or VA 640-659 3%
FHA w/Manual UW  640-659 2%
HFA Advantage    640 4.875% w/0 6/6
5.750% 3% 6/18
6.000% 4% 6/21
6.250% 5% 5/31
  • All Loans are Assisted Rate Loans
  • non-repayable grant
  • Assistance is based on the Final Loan Amount


eHousingPlus is the Program Administrator, and provides some of the following services:
        Administrator Guidelines    Administrator's Guidelines

  • Provides the web-based program loan reservation and management system, Administrator’s Guidelines, Program forms, Lender Program and System Training, Notices and updates to Lenders, Compliance Support to Lenders, Reviews Compliance Files, Timelines, Works with the Agency and Master Servicer on Program Goals.
  • Need help, Click here

The Following Lenders have been approved to originate loans in this Program:

  • 1st Advantage Mortgage LLC
  • Allied First Bank
  • Alpine Bank & Trust Co
  • American Chartered Bank
  • BBMC Mortgage, a Division of Bridgeview Bank Group
  • Blackhawk Bank
  • Blueleaf Lending, LLC
  • Busey Bank
  • Caliber Home Loans
  • Central Illinois Bank (CIBM)
  • Compass Mortgage, Inc
  • Evolve Bank & Trust
  • Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation
  • First Centennial Mortgage
  • First Midwest
  • Fortress Bank
  • Guaranteed Rate Affinity
  • Guaranteed Rate Inc
  • Heartland Bank and Trust Company
  • Herget Bank, N.A.
  • Inland Home Mortgage
  •, LLC
  • Midwest Community Bank
  • Mortgage Services III  (MSI)
  • PrimeLending, a Plains Capital Company
  • Standard Bank and Trust
  • Town and Country Bank
  • Wells Fargo Home Loans
  • Wintrust Mortgage,a division of Barrington Bank & Trust Company, NA


Interested in becoming a participating lender? Contact us.

Program Updates
  • 4/23-AIS Freddie Mac subsidy is revised to flat amount (80% AMI is $1,500) – for details, please see the Administrator’s guidelines.
  • 10/31- revising language related to DTI- US Bank HFA Division now permits DTI up to 50% on Conventional loan products (FHLMC HFA Advantage)  
  • 9/19 – revised income & acquisition limits
  • 1/30- effective 1/2, the program will no longer require borrowers to be first time homebuyers.
  • 5/24-revised home buyer education providers
  • 12/1- MANUFACTURED HOMES are eliminated

Loan Processing, Delivery and Purchase Timetable:

Once a loan is reserved in the eHousingPlus system and is provided the Servicer’s Loan number, the loan must be:

(1) underwriter certified within 30 days of loan reservation
(3) purchased within 70 days of loan reservation.

Any loan not purchased within 70 days is ineligible for purchase unless the lender chooses a one-time only 30-day extension. Again, the extension is offered once per loan and no further extensions will be allowed. Furthermore, regardless of choosing an extension, any loan not purchased within the approved timeframe will become the liability of the originating lender, including any down payment assistance provided at closing.



EhousingPlus University

  1. eHP Lender Program Training
    • Required for everyone participating in the program
    • offered 24/7
    • Click here to attend Program training
  2. eHP System Training*
    • After you complete the online Lender Program Training, information is provided as to what happens next.
    • Click here to register for system training


Should you have any questions on training, please contact

To read more about eHP Program Training, click here.

* System Training is required at least once, so that users gain the knowledge necessary to originate and manage their loans on-line. eHP University provides additional opportunities to re-train and/or refresh your system knowledge. Recurring (experienced) system users do not need to attend system training.