Nevada Rural Housing Authority

Nevada Rural Housing Authority (NRHA) – Nevada Rural Home at Last Programs

NEW Jan 2 –  The DPA on all new reservations is in the form of a 3 Year Forgivable Second Mortgage

Note – for details, see the Administrator’s Guidelines under GUIDELINES Tab

  • Continuous Funding
  • Reservation/Locks – AVAILABLE from 8:00am-7:00pm Pacific (11-10 EDT)
    • Other system functions are available 24/7

  • Reservation to UW Cert: 25 calendar days (cancelled if not certified)
  • Reservation to Loan Purchase: 70 calendar days
  • Any loan not purchased within 70 days is ineligible for purchase unless the lender chooses a one-time only 30-day extension.
  • To request a one-time 30-day extension, click here.
  • Extensions are not granted to extend the days from Reservation to UW Certification
ELIGIBLE AREAS State of Nevada

  • Except for:
    • the City of Reno in Washoe County
    • the following cities in Clark County: Henderson, Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Paradise, Spring Valley, and Sunrise Manor.
  • Please go to and simply enter the property address to confirm eligibility. It is the lenders responsibility to verify property eligibility.
  • There is no first-time homebuyer requirement in this program.
  • For non- residents, follow Agency (FHA, VA, etc) guidelines
  • Buyers must occupy the property within 60 days of closing
  • Government – FHA, VA, USDA-RD
  • Conventional – HFA Preferred

NEW 1/2

  • NEW Jan 2 –  The DPA on all new reservations is a 3 Year Forgivable Second Mortgage
  • Automatically Calculated on the final Loan amount (Note)
  • down payment or closing costs.
  • Cash back is not allowed.
  • Lender upfronts. US Bank will reimburse at purchase
  • Household income = 1003 Credit Qualifying Income (not co-signor’s)
  • see guidelines 
  • none
  • Mid FICO score – see guidelines
  • Debt-to-income (DTI) ratios – see guidelines  (45 on Government,  50 on Conventional)
  • Follow Agency guidelines (FHA, VA, etc)
  • Co-signers cannot be named on the Warranty Deed.
  • Approval by NRHA & US Bank
  • Available online within the loan & under Forms
  • Provides information and training concerning the mortgage loan file, acceptable loan products, delivery and funding, reviews/purchases the mortgage file
  • Servicer Lender Guides, Click here
  • If you need assistance with the Servicer Lender Guides or  to contact the US Bank, Click here.


Current Rate/Offerings – Please make sure you make the correct selection when reserving –  Reservation/locks – AVAILABLE from 8:00am-7:00pm Pacific  (11-10 EDT) Market Business days, excluding weekends & holidays

Rate/Offerings DPA Lock Rate Min Mid FICO Effective Date Origination / Discount  Pts      SRP Paid at loan Purchase
FHA*, USDA-RD, VA w/2% 5.00% 640 or 660 2/5 0.5% 2.25% (1.75% VA)
FHA*, VA w/3% 5.50% 640 or 660 2/2 0.5% 2.25% (1.75% VA)
FHA*, VA w/4% 6.00% 640 or 660 2/5 0.5% 2.25% (1.75% VA)
FHA 640 w/3% 640
FHA*, VA w/5% 6.125% 640 or 660 2/15 0.5% 1.75% (1.50% VA)
FHA 640 w/4% 640
 HFA Preferred   w/0 4.875% 640 2/22 0.5% 2.25%
w/3% 5.50% 2/23
w/4% 5.750% 2/2
w/5% 6.000% 2/16


  • 30 Year, Fixed Rate, Amortized.
  • Manufactured Housing revised – see guidelines  
  • Manual UW, see guidelines (11/2)

* Most current rate is available online after you login.


  • Various levels of assistance, driven by rate & loan types
    • Non-repayable Grant thru 2017
    • NEW Jan 2 –  The DPA on all new reservations is a 3 Year Forgivable Second Mortgage
  • System will automatically calculate based on the final loan amount (Note)
  • Lender up-fronts the exact amount of DPA. US Bank will reimburse at purchase
eHousingPlus is the Program Administrator, and provides some of the following services:
Administrator Guidelines (2/21)  Administrator's Guidelines 7/1 8/17                    

  • Provides the web-based program loan reservation and management system, Administrator’s Guidelines, Program forms, Lender Program and System Training, Notices and updates to Lenders, Compliance Support to Lenders, Reviews Compliance Files, Timelines, Works with the Agency and Master Servicer on Program Goals.
  • Need help, Click here
Partial Exemption (in case needed up front)

The Following Lenders have been approved to originate loans:

  • Academy Mortgage Corporation
  • All Western Mortgage Network
  • Alterra Group, LLC. (FKA Venta)
  • American Financial Network
  • American Pacific Mortgage
  • AmeriFirst Financial, Inc.
  • Axia Financial, LLC dba Axia Home Loans
  • Banc of California
  • Bank of England
  • Bay Equity LLC
  • Bay Valley Mortgage dba Pacific Bay Lending
  • Broker Solutions Inc DBA New American Funding
  • CalAtlantic fka RMC Mortgage
  • CalCon Mutual Mortgage LLC dba OneTrust Home Loans
  • Caliber Home Loans
  • Castle & Cooke Mortgage
  • Catalyst Lending, Inc.
  • City First Mortgage Services
  • Citywide Home Loans
  • CMG Mortgage
  • Cobalt Mortgage
  • Cornerstone Home Lending, Inc.
  • Corridor Mortgage Group, Inc.
  • Cross Country Mortgage
  • DHI Mortgage
  • Dignified Home Loans
  • Doorway Home Loans
  • Draper & Kramer Mortgage
  • Dubuque Bank and Trust Company
  • Eagle Home Mortgage, LLC.
  • Everett Financial dba Supreme Lending
  • Evergreen Home Loans
  • Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation
  • FBC Mortgage
  • Finance of America
  • First Option Mortgage, LLC
  • Franklin American Mortgage Company
  • Freedom Mortgage Corporation
  • Geneva Financial
  • Greater Nevada Mortgage Services
  • Guild Mortgage
  • Home Community Mortgage
  • HomeBridge Financial Services Inc.
  • Homeowners Financial Group
  • Integrity First Financial Group, LLC
  • International City Mortgage
  • iServe Residential Lending LLC
  • JFK Financial Inc.
  • Land Home Financial Services, Inc.
  • LeaderOne Financial Corp.
  • Lenox Financial Mortgage Corporation, dba Weslend Financial.
  •, LLC
  • Mann Mortgage
  • Mason-McDuffie Mortgage Corporation
  • Movement Mortgage, LLC
  • Nova Home Loans
  • OCMBC, Inc
  • One Nevada Credit Union
  • On Q Financial, Inc.
  • Pacific Union Financial, LLC
  • Paramount Residential Mortgage Group
  • Peoples Home Equity, Inc.
  • Peoples Mortgage Company
  • People’s National Bank
  • Performance Financial, Inc.
  • Platinum Home Mortgage
  • Primary Residential Mortgage Inc.
  • PrimeLending
  • Prospect Mortgage
  • Pulte Mortgage
  • ReNew Lending, Inc.
  • Republic Mortgage Home Loans, LLC
  • Residential Bancorp
  • RMS & Associates (Residential Mortgage Services)
  • Security National Mortgage
  • Sierra Pacific Mortgage Company
  • South Pacific Financial Corporation
  • Southern Fidelity Mortgage
  • Stearns Lending
  • Stonegate Mortgage
  • Summit Funding Inc.
  • Sun West Mortgage Company Inc.
  • SWBC Mortgage
  • The Federal Savings Bank
  • ubermortgage, Inc.
  • US Bank Home Mortgage
  • VanDyk Mortgage
  • Vitek Mortgage Group
  • Wells Fargo Home Mortgage
  • W J Bradley Mortgage Capital LLC


Interested in becoming a participating lender?   Contact us.

Program Updates
  • 2/14 – Effective Immediately – February 14th, Temporary SRP Change
    5% Assistance on FHA 660: Reduce 2.25% to 1.75%   /   4% Assistance on FHA 640: Reduce 2.25% to 1.75%   / 5% Assistance on VA: Reduce 2.00% to 1.50%
  • 1/18- USDA 3% temporarily removed.
  • 1/4- Revised Income limits.
  • 1/2/2018 –  The DPA on all new reservations is a 3 Year Forgivable Second Mortgage
  • 3/15-Revised daily rate lock availability to 7pm PT.  Revised rate option grid. Reduced minimum FICO on manufactured home loans. Added Fannie Mae income limit
  • 7/27- revisions to guidelines, manual underwriting information, delegated underwriting information was removed, tax address instructions were changed and other various revisions.
  • 5/26 – Dropped USDA with 4% dpa
  • 4/11- dropped the Fannie Mae without assistance & added Fannie Mae MFH Housing at one level.
  • 2/1- Manufactured housing loans FICO 680 & LTV 95
  • 12/1- MANUFACTURED HOMES are eliminated (eff 12/1 reservations)
  • 9/8- the Program will now offer 8 Rates/Offerings, the 1% origination/discount fee has been eliminated
  • 9/3-Progam name updated to Home at Last
  • 6/29- The conventional product, HFA Preferred  will be available for new reservations effective  7/1
  • 6/9-Updated guidelines – servicer fee
  • No refinance loans (except loans currently being serviced by US Bank)
  • 1/2 – New Income and Acquisition  Limits
  • 1/1/2014 – New Program Starts.
  • 1/1/2014 – Must be approved for the 2014 Home at Last Access program.  Contact Nevada Rural Housing Authority if you do not see your company listed under participating lenders.
Rate/Offerings DPA Lock Rate Min Mid FICO Effective Date  Origination / Discount  Pts     SRP Paid at loan Purchase
FHA*, VA w/5% 6.125% 640 or 660 1/25  0.5%  2.25%
FHA 640 w/4% 640
The Government 5% DPA option has been eliminated until further notice. 2/5

EhousingPlus University


1. eHP Lender Program Training

    • Required for everyone participating in the program
    • offered 24/7
    • Click here to attend Program training

2. eHP System Training*

    • After you complete the online Lender Program Training, information is provided as to what happens next.
    • Click here to register for system training

Should you have any questions please contact

To read more about eHP Program Training, click here.  * System Training is required at least once, so that users gain the knowledge necessary to originate and manage their loans on-line. eHP University provides additional opportunities to re-train and/or refresh your system knowledge. Recurring (experienced) system users do not need to attend system training.