Inclement Weather


10/8 – Hurricane Matthew in gone and while we got very lucky in South Florida, there is plenty of damage throughout.

Hoping our friends in the damaged areas of Florida are doing well.


Reservations, changes to loans, forms, reports etc. Normal hours of Operation – no change
System locks for rate changes. Check System – no change
Email support Normal hours of Operation – no change
Telephone support Normal hours of Operation – no change
Weston Florida Contacts
 Debbie Kerr  (888) 643-7974 ext 216
 Naileth Garcia    (888) 643-7974 ext 211
 Paloma Miranda  (888) 643-7974 ext 210
 Shanna Marsh   (888) 643-7974 ext 229
 Tampa Florida Contacts
 Jennifer Erwin (813) 579-6295
 Joe Athey (813) 579-6294
 Patt Denihan   (954) 430-6072
 Sue Denihan  (813) 579-6293



Posted 10/6 – 10/7 – Hurricane Matthew in on track towards South Florida and the eHousingPlus Weston, FL Offices are under a Hurricane Warning. As such, our offices will be closed Thursday October 6th, 2016, and potentially Friday, October 7th. However, many of our services will remain operational. Please see the listing below for direct contacts, should you need them. Our support email address is in case you cannot reach our staff directly. Additionally, our Tampa office is operational and their number is (813) 579-6293.  You can email staff as you typically do, and/or send email to We anticipate the storm to be gone from our area worst case by Monday and all services fully operational no later than Tuesday.