Inclement Weather


Inclement Weather UPDATE 9/12/2017

The eHousingPlus offices are Open!

We are happy to report no inclement weather is expected. Please review our Program and Contact Us pages on this website for information related to current programs.

Thanks for your support and patience





Reservations, Changes to Loans, Forms, Reports etc. Business as usual eHousingPlus Online System
Email  & Telephone Support See below for Contacts
Tampa Florida Contacts- (813) 415-3549; ;
 Jennifer Erwin (813) 579-6295 Training, access.
 Joe Athey (813) 579-6294 Questions related to our available programs and requirements.
 Nick Howe (813) 579-6282
 Sue Denihan (813) 579-6293
 Vicki Stewart (813) 579-6283 Lender Support Specialist
Weston Florida Contacts  (888) 643-7974; ;
 Meagan Bouscher (888) 643-7974 ext 237 Reserved/locked loans, system access
 Paloma Miranda (888) 643-7974 ext 210
 Shanna March (888) 643-7974 ext 229