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eHousingPlus© introduces a new era of web-based Program Administration, a previously time consuming task is now simplified to provide Lenders, Agencies, and Partners the solutions to successfuly manage Single Family First-Time (and other) Homebuyer Programs.

eHousingPlus© works closely with the Agency and its team of professionals to incorporate best practices, efficiencies, and state of the art tools for single family affordable loan programs, including MRB, MCC, MBS, TBA, Second Mortgage Programs and Grants, and other secondary types of assistance.

Our easy to use Lender Portal, Customized Program Web-Sites, interactive forms and important documents, and other helpful tools provides an easy, one-stop point for all loan activity. Assisting Lending Partners from Reservation to Compliance Approval, and File Deficiencies to Pipeline Management is the key to successful program origination and compliance.

Additionally, our comprehensive Data Reporting and Analysis Tools, our easy to use Manuals, Forms, and the access to on-going training via eHP University’s Web Training Material, are some of the reasons why eHP has become the leader ion the industry. Innovation, knowledge, technology, professionalism, and customer first is why lenders prefer to originate loans utilizing our solutions.

  • State of the Art HDS (c) SF Management System, including Lender Portal and Management Reporting and Dashboards
  • Lender Outreach
  • Partnership with Working Group
  • Program Management & Metrics
  • Funds Management (Allocations, Sources)
  • Program Documentation (Guidelines, Automated Forms)
  • Compliance File Review (including On-line Exceptions, email Actions, Deficiency Reports)
  • Pipeline Management, with Timeline Features (through Delivery to Investor)
  • IRS Reporting and MCC Certificates
  • Recapture Brochures
  • Customized Program Web-Sites
  • Data Downloads
  • Loan Detail Reports
  • UW Certifications
  • Master Servicer Integration
  • Customer Service on Program Guidelines & Compliance Issues
  • Technical Support for Web Portals
  • Data Interfaces
  • Data Storage
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

                               much more…