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Loans can be reinstated at the higher of the reserved/locked interest rate or the program’s current interest rate.  

No one likes surprises.  Please do check your programs page (instructions below) this way,  when we reinstate your loan you are well aware of the possible interest rate increase.   ** If you are closing today or loan closed, please state so on the request. **

  • As an example, if you reserved/locked at 4.00% and today’s rate is 4.25%, we reinstate at 4.25% and the loan MUST close at 4.25%
  • Please make sure you provide our loan number (one received after you reserved)
  • Loans will be reinstated during office hours
  • If your program has specific lock times, we may need to wait until the following day to verify the rate
  • If the loan being reinstated cancelled over a week ago, this will take additional time to confirm.
  • Please make sure your underwriter’s are able to certify the same day the loan is reinstated.

This request is being addressed by Paloma Miranda, Shanna March, and Naileth Garcia – We will reply via email once it is completed.  Due to high volume,  your request can take up to several hours.

Thank you for your participation in this program,



to verify your program’s current rate: