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HFA of Pinellas County

Program Title:

Home Key Single Family Program

Program Funds:

2020A Bond Program - Final Purchase Date 5/1/2022

Loan Time Line Requirements:

Reservation/Lock to UW Certify – 20 days Close to Receipt of closed files – 20 days Reservation to Compliance Approval & Purchase – 60 days

Eligible Areas:

Pinellas, Pasco and Polk Counties

Eligibility Criteria:

First-time Homebuyers – All Borrower(s) & Spouses(occupant or non-occupant) Must be able to permanently reside in the U.S. Principal residence Borrower(s) must occupy property within 60 days of closing IRS filed returns for past 3 yrs – all borrower(s) & spouses

Eligible Loan Types:

FHA, VA, USDA-RD Freddie Mac 80% AMI

Income Limit Criteria:

Household income is All income of the household (18 years or older) Government Loans: Pinellas & Pasco 1-2 person HHLD max = $73,800 3+ person HHLD max = $84,870 Polk 1-2 person HHLD max = $70,029 3+ person HHLD max = $81,683 Freddie Mac 80% AMI Loans: Pinellas & Pasco $55,360 Polk= $47,040

Home Acquisition and Income Limits:

All areas – $311,979

Home Buyer Education:

Required for ALL named on the Warranty Deed. Must be HUD approved HUD’s HOMEBUYER EDUCATION PROVIDERS. Agency approved HOMEBUYER EDUCATION PROVIDERS.

FICO/DTI Requirement:

660 & 45% DTI. Please see Guidelines


Cosigners are permitted for FHA/VA loans. Cannot be named on the Warranty Deed.

Agency Web:


Forms and Documentation:

Program Required Forms are available online, under the “PROGRAM FORMS” Tab.

Master Servicer:

Provides information and training concerning the mortgage loan file, acceptable loan products, delivery and funding, reviews/purchases the mortgage file. Servicer Lender Guides: If you need assistance with the Servicer Lender Guides or to contact the US Bank:

Lender Participation:

If your Company is interested in participating in this program, contact:



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