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eHousingPlus¬© staff has over 20 years of experience working with Homeownership programs. We are dedicated to our clients and improving our processes to not only adapt to changing markets and economic environments, but to be more efficient in meeting our client’s daily needs.

At eHousingPlus we understand the housing market and are proactive in responding to change by creating work flows and processes that maximize the use of technology and allow us to respond to present and future demands. We believe in supporting agencies by providing the most comprehensive services for complete Homeownership Program Administration in order to offer a tailored service to support lenders, agencies, and working group individuals. Our philosophy is to find the most efficient and integrated approach to each step in the process.

For more information on eHousingPlus or for assistance on a specific program or loan, please contact us.

Main Office

3050 Universal Boulevard., Suite 190
Weston, Florida 33331

Telephone: (954) 217-0817
Toll Free: (888) 643-7974

eHP Principal Contacts

Patt Denihan (954) 430-6072
3588 Lincoln Way
Cooper City, FL 33026

Sue Denihan (813) 415-3549
11705 Boyette Road, Suite 458
Riverview, Fl 33569

Paloma Miranda (888) 643-7974 ext 210
3050 Universal Boulevard, Suite 190
Weston, FL 33331


When contacting us via email, please specify the appropriate loan and/or program so that we may best assist you.

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eHP Contacts

The eHousingPlus team can be reached at (888) 643-7974 & (813) 415-3549 – Please see below.

When contacting us via email, please specify the appropriate loan and/or program so that we may best assist you. If you will need it in writing, please email.


Assistance/Questions regarding: Main Contact Phone email
eHP Training, eHP Lender Online Program Training, FLEX Code Jennifer ErwinVickie Stewart (813) 579-6295 (813) 579-6283
User Access, Disabled User Access, Changed Companies Lena Paulo (888) 643-7974 ext 208
Reset Password Issues Naileth Garcia (888) 643-7974 ext 211
Compliance File Deficiencies (exceptions) Debbie Kerr (888) 643-7974 ext 216
Re-Activate a Cancelled Loan, Update a Certified Loan Anyone (888) 643-7974
eHP Dataview & Download, DARM Shanna March (888) 643-7974 ext 229
Program Specific Questions (not on a loan) Sue Denihan (813) 415-3549
Joe Athey (813) 579-6294
Vicki Stewart (813) 579-6283
Naileth Garcia (888) 643-7974 ext 211
Shanna March (888) 643-7974 ext 229
Patt Denihan (954) 430-6072
Paloma Miranda (888) 643-7974 ext 229
US Bank Servicer File / questions on the Mortgage File, DU, DTI, Insurance, etc Help Desk (800) 562-5165