MCC Reissue Guidelines

(For eligible Programs only)

The reissue of previous Mortgage Credit Certificates issued under this Program.
Any loan closed under this Program, that is being strictly REFINANCED, is eligible to be reissued.

Any MCC Reissues are strictly done in the name of the ORIGINAL certificate borrower(s). NO name or property CHANGES are allowed.

MCC Certificates are NOT Transferable. If home is sold Certificate is NULL and VOID.

MCC Reissues must be submitted (uploaded) within 10 days of closing the refinanced loan. Files submitted after the 10 days or incomplete will be rejected. Please prepare the required documents (see checklist) ahead of time to better assist you in delivering timely.
MCC Reissues are processed with specific instructions available here. Please follow the guidance on the checklist, the upload area and the fees indicated below. Incomplete submittals will be rejected.

Must be an approved Lender. (packages from Brokers or virtual lenders are not allowed)

There is a processing fee for an MCC Reissue of $500. The fee for a copy of the original MCC Certificate is $75 (if required). Fees must be submitted via ACH or Wire ONLY. Please Download the appropriate form below and follow instructions. Reissue Files will be rejected if respective fee is not submitted as required.

Fees CANNOT be sent from individuals and will only be accepted from the lending institution.

Once you have completed the checklist document and have all required documents, please upload as one pdf file here.