A team of professionals that work closely with Housing Finance Agencies throughout the U.S. to integrate best practices, innovation, and efficiencies.

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Agency Resources

Resources for Successful Program Management

  • Homeownership Initiatives and Compliant Programs that help build communities through ownership. 
  • Innovative Solutions for Affordable Housing, such as Bond, MCC, TBA (The Bond Alternative) and various Down Payment Assistance (DPA) Programs. 
  • State-of-the-art Program Management, Lender Tools, Reporting and Data Analysis Tools deployed in highly secure web portals.
  • Customer Care Support, Digital Platforms, and efficient workflows that create a seamless experience for Lenders and Borrowers.

Housing Finance Agencies

The path and elements necessary for growth and success are constantly shifting, as is the Market. At eHP, our decades of experience have taught us that offering cost-effective, cutting-edge technology multi-tools and services is the best way to support and adapt to the continuing Market changes that Housing Finance Agencies have endured. Catering to the needs of our HFA partners is our top priority; we treat each program as a new project. Our role begins with program discussions, opportunities, market trends, and workflow synergies. The ability to co-create market solutions has evolved. We now work with a much larger group of stakeholders in the process of innovating and developing new products, services, and solutions. Our implementation process is a collaborative atmosphere with all of our HFA’s working partners to guarantee a successful affordable homeownership program.


The recipe for successful Programs includes the participation of an active and engaged Lender base. Our goal is for Lenders’ activities to become briefer, more fluid, and intuitive. The team at eHousingPlus© works directly with the HFA’s to provide Lenders with all the necessary tools they need to develop stronger ties to the Programs. We collaborate with the Lenders above and beyond the ONBOARDING ® Process. Through multiple levels of efficient ongoing communications, training, and support, the eHP team remains connected with the Lenders every step of the way. Our Lender Leadership Committee allows us to take a strategic approach and better grasp the challenges faced by Lenders, as well as listen to their suggestions and maximize opportunities. Understanding their workflow processes and requirements enables us to continue innovating and providing the most value at the forefront, paving the way for the HFA’s Program’s success.

Master Servicer

eHousingPlus© designed and developed the first XML interface between a Servicer and the Agency – this eliminated redundancies, manual workload and streamlined all loan changes through the pipeline. Today, all data exchanges with the Servicers are limitless. The coding system allows the Servicer to distribute the loans with more velocity for purchase and deliver efficiently. Working with a diverse group of Servicers and their staff has given us insight into their internal day-to-day operations, how they function, and how they impact HFA Programs. Our continuous communication allows us to understand the special program requirements they each have and adjust our processes to meet their individual needs.

Financial Advisors

To achieve cohesive and measurable outcomes, it is vital to create strong relationships with the HFA Programs’ leadership and staff. Our strategy is to capitalize on our organization’s daily interaction with our HFA Partners, Program Financial Advisors, Hedgers, Servicers, and other Program participants. We provide them access to valuable tools and coordinate efforts to ensure that they can deliver the required services to the Agencies. We provide data crunching, reporting, and analysis at multiple levels to fulfill the needs of the various stakeholders engaged in operating the Programs. eHousingPlus© identified this need early on and developed tools that provide the necessary data via our secure portal. Users can access all essential Program and loan data from discovery to delivery and through our ongoing service relationship.