Technical and Workflow Training
eHousingPlus University eHP Technical Training is now part of Lender On-Boarding. We have many tools available on our Programs and Lender Tools Pages, and a comprehensive set of Lender Portals (eHPortal and eHP Digital Docs) where you will be performing a large part of your workflow. It is imperative that you understand the system features and where you perform the required tasks.
EhousingPlus University is where most of the Origination to Closing work is done, and is geared for Origination, processing, underwriting and closing staff. The training will review:
  • How loans are reserved/locked
  • How loans are updated throughout the workflow
  • How loans are UW Certified, loans are reserved/locked
  • Required Program Closing Forms– Autogenerated to make processing easy for you (eForms)
  • How your Loan Timeline can be managed
  • Accessing other tools that can help you manage your loan pipeline and reports other helpful features

CLICK HERE for the Origination -> Closing Training 

eHousingPlus University is where ALL Compliance Packages, Docs and Cured Deficiencies are Uploaded, fees are paid, and post-closing deliveries are managed. This training is geared for closing, post-closing, shipping and staff that cures file deficiencies. This Training will primarily review:
  • Uploading Compliance Digital Files
  • Uploading Cured deficiencies and missing documents
  • Managing uploaded files to determine status
  • Paying the Compliance Fee via eHPay
  • Management tools for Files Pending Payment
  • Accounting/Fee Payments Submitted, Unidentified payments
  • Managing your file deficiencies/corrections to be made are posted

CLICK HERE for the Delivery -> Closing to Compliance Training