ePay Enrollment

Digital eHPay is HERE!

As part of the NEW eHousingPlus Digital Docs lender platform, Digital eHPay is a NEW feature which will allow participating lenders to deliver files 100% digitally including the payment and processing of fees. Lenders will no longer be required to process checks, wires, manual ACH, and other means of costly payments to deliver Compliance Files. eHP Digital Docs and eHPay will replace hours of costly processing and wire fees, which will save you TIME and MONEY! No more calculating fees, having short or over payments!

It’s Simple to Use

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  1. SELECT       Select the loans in your Pipeline to Pay
  2. APPROVE    Review / Approve the eHPay Compliance Fees
  3. RECEIPT     Print / Save Confirmation Receipt


Click here to view the eHPay FactSheet for more details.

Sign up for eHP Digital eHPay TODAY!

eHP Digital eHPay is a secure payment authorization portal that will give lenders the immediate ability to process their loan fee payments in seconds. Follow the instructions below and get started TODAY! 

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  1. DOWNLOAD AND COMPLETE Only authorized lending personnel may COMPLETE THIS FORM on your behalf. Please include account routing information, authorized user requests, and make sure the form is signed.
  2. DRAG AND DROP Upload your completed form using the drag and drop application at the bottom of this page.
  3. CONFIRM AND LOGIN Once we review the form you will receive a confirmation email and user login instructions.


If you need additional information please contact Debora Stevenson

Start enjoying the many cost savings benefits of eHP Digital eHPay!