HDS Participates in NALHFA’s First Virtual Conference

HDS Participates in NALHFA’s First Virtual Conference

by | Jul 28, 2020 | News

NALHFA’s First Virtual Conference is HERE and HDS is proud to once again sponsor and participate! The theme for this conference is centered around unique solutions for Affordable Housing, 100% in line with the HDS Companies, who together bring Business and Technology Solutions to the Marketplace. 

Join Us on Wednesday, July 29, from 1:30 pm – 2:30 pm to learn about “Protecting Your Data.” from our very own Andrew Moffitt, CTO/CISO, as he presents some best practices and industry standards for: 

  • Email/Phishing (Majority of Breaches) – How to protect PII and other sensitive borrower information. 
  • What is HDS doing to add additional layers of security – Training/Testing/Remote. 
  • Data Sharing Best Practices. 

The panel will also explore how emerging technology is working to help keep borrower’s sensitive information out of the hands of hackers.  

Make sure to tune in and be a part of the conversation to learn more about cyber security and data sharing best practices. 

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