Next Generation of eHousingPlus©


Our NextGen® is a “One-Stop” platform that enables you to perform your work within the solution while experiencing real-time collaboration within your Agency and with your external partners.

One Database

All of our NextGen®  solutions will be in one SQL database.  There are many advantages, including reporting at a portfolio level and streamlining information flow between different internal agency teams and external Users.  By maintaining the same database, we are minimizing any data migration and implementation of the NextGen®  systems.

Integration to Office Tools

We understand that our clients utilize tools like Excel, PDFs, and Word/RTF documents. This presents the challenge of alienating data in ‘systems’ that do not integrate. We have created tools that enable Users to quickly extract information from these forms and spreadsheets and automatically consolidate the data with our Enterprise Solution. Combining data from different sources lightens document management and provides greater data integrity, reporting, and time-saving efficiency.   This has been a game-changer for our customers. It allows you to spend less time entering information into your systems multiple times and more time focusing on your business.

Document and Spreadsheet Integrator

This module allows the Agencies to create documents and spreadsheet templates and map them to the HDS database. The application intake phase is the first to implement this feature. However, our project plan includes offering this flexibility in the areas where you need them.


​The ​HDS Pro​Forms Generator offers Users the ability to easily create forms and letters merged with the existing HDS database.   Users have the flexibility to create custom, agency-specific forms. By adapting agency-specific documents to the HDS System(s), Users also eliminate data entry.  Allowing Users to organize forms in the HDS database by assigning them to specific programs, loans, projects, activities, and buildings.

Role-Based Functionality

HDS NextGen®  introduces role-based functionality maximizing a personalized and intuitive User experience. Utilizing a role-based approach to business applications delivers simplicity where Users need it most. Combined with a modern, User-friendly experience, HDS NextGen®  is focused on individuals’ needs as User roles can significantly impact the way your employees work and lead to improved efficiencies. NextGen®  greets each User based on their position and area of responsibility with KPIs, widgets, alerts, messages, and related data bringing focus to human oversight and vital issues, instantly providing direct access to the detailed data.

Collaboration Tools

NextGen®  opens doors to real-time communication between Users, the internal HFA staff, and external partners almost effortlessly. NextGen® ‘s single workspace for Users and their collaborators brings synergies and efficiencies to day-to-day tasks with built-in System Alerts and Notifications that save them time and keep them instantly informed. NextGen® ‘s portal enables Agency Users and external partners to create, edit, store, and share files with others in real-time through a single interface. Communication and collaboration happen in real-time at multiple levels, including the individual file and document level. Conversations are efficient as documents are shared easily among individuals who have been granted access to the documents.

Automated System Alerts

The system already predefines Automated System Alerts.  Users will get real-time alerts based on specific criteria that are date-driven or based on certain events, validations, stages, or support a process.

Automated Stage Alerts

Automated Stage Alerts are User-defined.  During the system configuration, the User can set up alerts based on specific criteria, such as when it gets to a particular stage and hits an individual status.

Message Notifications / Email Notifications

Users can send a message or emails to an individual or group of individuals.  Notifications are sent in real-time as long as the User sets these up during the configuration stage.


The ability to enter notes is included in every module. Internal and external Users can enter notes in the modules where they have been granted access.  Notes are stored in the feature in which they were made.  The User can easily convert a note into a notification or email.

Chat / Conversations

Internal and external Users can chat in real-time.

Document Management

In the NextGen®, we have included the ability to attach documents in most modules.  Attachments are associated with the record where the information was uploaded.

Reporting Solutions

Our NextGen® solution offers a suite of reporting tools that empower the HFA to analyze and report data with real-time results is included in the NEW HDS Business Intelligence (HDS BI), HDS Data Analytics, HDS Report Designer, HDS Forms Generator, and HDS Letter Generator. Each is augmented by a graphical representation of the data and an HDS Reporting view library that simplifies creating reports.

Business Intelligence

End-User Designer and Viewer allow Users to create sophisticated dashboards without writing a single line of code.  Users also can develop insightful and information-rich decision charts.  This interactive and fully customizable User experience is optimized for real-time data consumption and analysis.

Data Analytics

Data Analytics offers interactive and fully customizable grids.  Users can customize the layout and the columns they want to include on the grid.  Our solution provides powerful filtering options that allow the User to customize the grid to their preference.

Pivot Analysis

Pivot Analysis is a multi-dimensional data analysis tool that allows Users​​ to report on their operational data via pivot grids.  HDS NextGen® is an enterprise solution that captures a large amount of data.  Our Pivot Analysis Tool provides a manner to summarize this data and represent it in a cross-tabular format where the User can customize the layout by simply dragging and dropping reporting elements.  The tool has many properties that allow you to customize the results you are trying to obtain from your multi-dimensional data.  It has the capability of printing, visualizing your data, and exporting to multiple formats.

Report Writer

The HDS Report Writer Module provides a flexible tool for creating simple to complex reports. It allows you to develop data-bound reports and provides a rich set of tools to construct report layouts that meet your requirements.  Includes a designer to facilitate creating crosstabs, tables, graphs, and master-detail reports, among others. Using the designer, you can easily convert your raw data into meaningful and expressive reports by reports, forms, templates, and even address labels by making every field in the HDS system available for your custom reporting needs. HDS Report Writer provides query and report wizards to make the reporting process more natural and offers advanced tools for the more experienced report writer, such as calculated fields, variables, and calculated programming. Users can export reports to Word, Excel, or print a copy for their records. Report Writer also uses built-in relationships between System tables, User-friendly tables and field names, and a comprehensive data dictionary.