Our Team

The Program Administration Compliance staff brings great depth in mortgage experience coupled with the eHousingPlus/HDS continuous investment in the HDS staff’s professional development.  Our strongest asset is our staff and one of the most powerful ingredients of our success.


Program Administration Team

Paloma Miranda, Sr. VP of Services; Patricia Denihan, Principal; Suzanne Denihan, Principal

Compliance Team

Shanna March, Supervisor of Program Admin; Naileth Garcia, Supervisor of Compliance Operations; Jessica Predville, Compliance Team Lead; Aura Valerio, Compliance Team Lead; Debbie Kerr, Compliance DEFI’s Team Lead; Lindsay Garcia, Compliance Associate; Latjoni Julius, Compliance Associate; Gabriella Baez, Compliance Associate; Rosa Suttle, Compliance Associate; Wanda Gonzalez, Compliance Associate

Support Team

Ashlynne Mosher – Program Administration Support; Joseph Athey, Compliance Support; Nicholas How, Lender Support; Jennifer Erwin, Products Coordinator; Vicki Stewart, Products Coordinator

Business Team

Elena Miranda, VP of Business Development; Sheryl Krocek, Business Manager/Account Executive; Lorena Hernandez, Business Associate; Alberto Marrero, Business Assistant

Finance Team

Debora Stevenson, Director Admin and Finance; Terri Scharnow, Accounting Coordinator

ASDY Tech Team

Gabriel Jirau; Marco Spinelli; Mario Rumasuglia; Miguel Sanchez