The Latest Pandemic Relief Bill in Congress

The Latest Pandemic Relief Bill in Congress

by | Aug 5, 2020 | News

The shortage of safe and affordable housing has plagued the nation for many years and the current pandemic has exacerbated the situation.  NAHMA and other industry organizations, NCSHA, NALHFA, NACCED, and others are working to keep the conversation active and to provide our leaders with facts about the impact COVID is having in our neighborhoods.

The conversation about Affordable Housing and Community Development has not involved enough of us. Let’s keep our voices heard and take action in any of the many grassroots or targeted campaigns to obtain the needed resources to address the immediate pandemic impact and that of aftereffects.

Then be ready to act. Former HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan addressed the attendees of the NALHFA 2020 Virtual Conference with the strong recommendation to be ready to put into action the appropriate legislation in our states and localities.

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