Welcome to eHP OnBoarding

Your Journey to Success Begins Here.

eHP OnBoarding® is a required process that each member of a Lender’s team has to complete in order to participate in any Homeownership Programs.

What to expect during OnBoarding?

✔ Sign-up to access eHP University
✔ Understanding Lender Requirements
✔ Completion of Program Training at eHP University
✔ Learing how to navigate lender tools
✔ User Credentials to eHP Lender Portals are issued

Who is required to be OnBoarded?

✔ Corporate/Main Contact for Lender
✔ Loan Officers
✔ Processors
✔ Underwriters
✔ Closing Staff
✔ Post-Closing
✔ DEFI team (resposible to clear file defencies)
✔ Accounting Staff (for fee payments)