What’s All the Buzz at eHousingPlus?

What’s All the Buzz at eHousingPlus?

by | Aug 2, 2019 | News

In December 2018, together with Housing and Development Software, eHousingPlus launched the first NextGen platform – eHP Digital Docs and eHPay. We designed the platform with the Lenders in mind, providing new workflow processes that aligned with their current operations.

“We created a Lender Community Leadership Committee to preview eHP Digital Docs, they provided valuable feedback which helped us create Secure, Easy, and Fast processes within the platform,” said Paloma Miranda, Senior Vice-President of Services at eHousingPlus.

At eHousingPlus, our objective during the development phases of eHP Digital Docs was to deploy a 100% digital environment for the file delivery system. This meant incorporating a module that would allow us to receive payments for compliance files. For us, building a generic payment module wasn’t an option. Our goal was to deliver an all-new custom revolutionary module without incurring additional cost to our Lenders.

eHPay came to fruition. A smart, automated, and quick system that offers immediate authorization of Compliance Fees. With eHPay, compliance file fees are automatically calculated, and processed immediately, eliminating guesswork and miscalculations. Since the launch, over 150 Lenders registered and are successfully using eHPay.

“I love working with eHPay; it has simplified many processes for me.
eHousingPlus is the only Program Administrator that provides a fully automated system.”
Vickie Marjip, Guild Mortgage.

Together with eHPay, we launched Payment Central. These additions to eHP Digital Docs brought the digital process full circle. Lenders are now able to keep track of their file payments, obtain payment history, and identify which files are still pending payment.

With full transparency to the Compliance Review Process, Lenders are now able to track their files every step of the way – from reservation to approval. In just a few months, eHousingPlus has converted to a fully digital environmentally responsible operation.

“Understanding our customer’s needs and transforming them into robust, deployable service solutions is at the forefront of our business model. Our mission is to make our Agency Client’s Programs Successful,” said Cristina Gilson, Founder, and CEO at Housing and Development Software and eHousingPlus.