eHousingPlus Introduces New Service to Their Innovative Solution

eHousingPlus Introduces New Service to Their Innovative Solution

by | Oct 5, 2020 | News

The eHousingPlus team knows that Lender Success = Program Success.  We have introduced a new service to our repertoire of comprehensive offerings – Lunch and Learn with eHousingPlus, co-hosted with our Agency Partners.

The Lunch and Learn is a series that opens up the lines of communications with Lenders about Agency Programs.  Sessions are hosted with a variety of topics, allowing us to explain the programs from reservation through compliance approval.

What we have found is that the new ‘virtual’ normal has left some disconnect with the hand offs and has created a significant increase in loan exceptions.  Faced with the need to engage and mass communicate, the eHP team led by Paloma Miranda and Sue Denihan took to the ways of Zoom with our Agency Partners.  The series are hosted in a live environment, discussing the challenges Lenders are currently facing.  We also answer questions, provide direction, and most importantly make sure the Lenders know how to access the Lender Tools available to help them be successful.

2020 dealt us all a new world filled with challenges and most importantly new opportunities. While the industry initially braced for a slow-down in origination and homeownership activity, the market strengthened and many of the programs are seeing healthy participation.

The Lunch and Learn with eHousingPlus series is centered around Lender and Program Success!  Let’s help them get it right! To learn more about the eHP Lunch and Learn series and how you can participate .