Home Means Nevada

Home Means Nevada

by | Apr 14, 2022 | News

Nevada State formally launches the “Home Means Nevada” Housing Initiative. 

“Home Means Nevada,” a tremendous win for the Nevada Housing Industry! The $500 million program, announced earlier this year in Governor Sisolak’s State of the State speech, represents the largest single investment in affordable housing in State history and complements other State and local investments, including Nevada Housing Division (NHD) recently earmarked $300.7 million – or 87 percent – of Nevada’s 2021 tax-exempt bonding authority for the development of affordable housing projects throughout the state.  

Nevada lawmakers recently approved $250 million in federal funds, which represents half of the money the state plans to put toward Governor Sisolak’s “Home Means Nevada” housing initiative.  

The plan aims to reduce housing costs, assist people in staying in their homes, and create well-paying jobs. The plan will increase housing construction and homeownership opportunities. In addition, it will assist seniors in retrofitting their homes to reduce costs, improve their property, and remain where they want to live.  

Congratulations Nevada!!!